Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Doing it old school style !
"But Patty !", you ask,"What about that way cool
Bamboo tablet, and Photoshop, Illustrator programs you have on your way cool huge MAC computer?"
Well sure sonny boy, that's all great stuff..but NOTHING compares to the feel of a finely crafted pencil in your hand and you watch it glide over your bristol board ,oh so smoothly. Then dip that fresh crow quill into the snappy ink bottle and see it flow like an ocean wave over your line work. Smell the ink, and pencil shavings, the ritual of eraser clean ups, flicking the crumbs onto the floor, sharpen your pencil over and over again for that pristine razor sharp point, blow on the board to hasten the white out drying over that rare mistake you may make....
It's all good , it's all part of the feeling that you really, REALLY MADE that!

The search for that perfect pencil or nib goes on with every visit to an art supply store. Any city you are in, you have to see their local store ,to see if there is a new discovery to be found.
Peruse websites, catalogs for the latest and greatest ,cuz you never know what you might find.

I still have my favorite brushes, the odd pencil, ellipse and paint from art school. Relics mostly unusable, but good friends to the end.

music of the day: internet radio assorted fun!
food of the day: INK
mood of the day: eccentric artisticness

and jetpens for fun creative pens!!

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