Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let's skip down memory lane, shall we?

At the risk of embarrassing myself, I present to you a little treasure trove from my
portfolio of comics past, my salute to DRAGON CON.
A Sci-Fi,comics,what not bacchanalian orgy of geekery that takes place once a year
in Atlanta. I was a guest there every year,up til I moved away in 2001 to Denver.
Please keep in mind that I was younger, rawer, and already wonderfully jaded.

They are a little wonky. I had to scan from old xeroxes I found.
(by the by,the original pages (whoever would WANT such things), are for sale. $200 each.)

ummm.yeah....I also post these in honor of all my pals that seem to be jetting off to Atlanta in the next week or so for this years Dragon Con. I hear there are gonna be some killer guests. ( well, sans'll still enjoy yourselves..tee hee)

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