Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yum! Saturday night fun!

Le Central Restaurant 112 East 8th ave, Denver . I have never had a bad meal here,
and it's sooo cheap for a French place..hee hee.. If you go on Thursdays it's usually
souffle night!

app:Feuilleté d’Escargots
Escargots sautéed with butter and herbs and served over a puff pastry with a creamy blue cheese walnut sauce

Cotes d'Agneau au Jus
Grilled Colorado lamb chops finished with an herb jus

Faux Filet aux poivres
Grilled New York strip steak served with the classic three peppercorn infused demi-glace; flambeed with brandy

Brioche Bread pudding with chocolate sauce.

Now I'm really full.

Back to organizing my studio some more.
Every time I start a new project I seem to need to
reorganize/clean things first. I must have tossed out a bunch of old crap

music of the day: old skool
food of the day: burgers on da grill
mood of the day: misty

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