Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He never learns......

These thoughts torment him, keep him up at night, yet still, I resist his
charms and swarthy good looks.
But for how long?

Late night phone calls usually send a chill through you. You aren't sure until you pick it up if it's something serious, like someone in an accident in the hospital, or something like drunk dialing from an ex.

It was the ex. Conversation went something like this:

me: zzzzzzzzz.pftttt ..huh? hello?

G: Patty? Patty?

me: yessss..who IS this?

G: it's me..... George

me: awwwwwwww....(pause) what do you want George?

G: well, I was ,I was wondering,if....you had been thinking about me at all, you know?
I mean, I have been about you and ..well, I still think about you alot , you know?

me: *exasperated* George, it's..fuck ,what time is it anyway?.. oh shit.George! It's
2:30 !! Why do you always do this?

G: awww don't be mad..I just, I miss you baby, no one understands me like you do.

me: you mean no one TOLERATES you like I do.. who else do you know would put up with a
pot bellied pig sleeping in the same bed with them?

G: The pig is dead now, you know that...

me: yeah, but then you'd find something ELSE to bring to bed with us..I know you..

G: I've changed baby.. it's only you..from now on!

me: What about that model, and that waitress, and that OTHER waitress?

G: Just showpieces baby, you know that, for the press! You know..I have to keep an
image up. Hollywood and all!

me: That's not my world George, you know that. I HATE being in public with you. All
that publicity, paparazzi crap! It's bullshit, you know that.

G: I know baby, and that's why I'm quitting!

me: Wha.. YOU? QUIT? HA.. you could never do it honey..I can't see it.

G: Sure I can..I'll become private citizen number one.. you'll see. I'll go blue collar! we can live in the suburbs! I'll get a job at the Piggly Wiggly or something!

me: *SNORT* George ,you're drunk. Go to bed.
Domestic bliss is not in your cards.

G: * Long pause* ..... I know it isn't.......*resignation sigh*
g'night baby, sorry I woke you up...I do love you though..you know that?

me: sigh...yes, I do......... yes, I do...... good night George.

G: night * another long pause* click.

.....and scene............

he means well.

music of the day: retro 80's new wave , punk
food of the day: green tea detox
mood of the day: tired brain-pan

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