Tuesday, September 21, 2010

trippin' down memory lane...

One of the characters in the, now on hiatus strip I was doing, Zero Hour, was a lil' geeky dude named Stanley. These are some doodles of development in my old skeech book o' fun that I found..Don't know why he ended up out of the strip..but here he is now.

Have a fun day... is it possible to overdose on sushi?
Met up last night with an old High school pal. Actually we go back to
when I was in 6th grade and her 7th she reminded me last night..so we HAVE know each other for eons!
we picked right back up from where we left off. It was fun, and we had a lot of
lil' walks down memory lane, thanks to her steel trap mind. Mine is sorta like swiss cheese right now.

Music of the day: Trent Reznor sountrack music
Food of the day: NOT fish
mood of the day: quivery

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