Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have all but given up eating eggs. Almost every time I do, I find myself sick for most of the day. Finding the freshest eggs possible with no 'additives" and possibility of contamination, or chemicals has gotten so difficult. I then started to rely on "organic free range" eggs from "happy chickens" (if you can determine a chicken is happy, let me know..)
Now that THAT is even in question now, and not being able to go to farmers markets year round now, getting a list of TRUE organic ,free range farms has become my quest. Granted you pay more for safe,quality chemical free food, I ask, WHY are we having to do that? Shudder.........oh this conversation could go on all day..we know the , why isn't anyone fixing it faster?

Excuse me , it's time for my Oatmeal.........

music of the day: Gary Numan
food of the day: NOT eggs
mood of the day: ug......

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