Friday, October 29, 2010

GARY done!

Well, since there were a ton of people at the show last night filming and photographing him, you'd THINK something decent would have ended up on youtube by now. But, nahhhhh! So here's a " it was sorta like this" someone made of the tour elsewhere.
Had lots of fun, balcony seat,and umm..*coff coff* Gary's wife was standing next to me for a good chunk of the show taking photos.
Nice lady,obviously MAD for her man and proud as shite! Briefly chatted , I did not push a meet and greet..been there, done that.
Of course hearing the Pleasure Principle in its entirety was cool, I REALLY got a kick out of the newer ,darker stuff...way fun!

must go nap now...punky patty is not as resilient as she once was for "almost late" nights.

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