Monday, October 18, 2010

HUZZAH! New comic at
SO get some cheap ass entertainment lasting all of, meh,35 seconds.
Today is also "take care of stuff" day.
What that encompasses , I'm not 100% on,but I did some deep thinking
over the weekend and, hell man, SOMETHING has GOT to change for me soon!
And I know JUST the super heroine to do it too!

I also feel some general "Booshiness" overtaking me as well...Excuse me , I hear the call of the yeti and I must Crimp myself away....

13 days to Halloweenie! What are YOU gonna be?

music of the day: Big Audio Dynamite
food of the day: fuses
mood of the day: explodey!

special bonus bat photo! Ain't he cute?

love you!

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