Friday, October 1, 2010

I'm bad

but then again..that's why you love me. Right?
I do have a good excuse. I have been productive as all get out,and hope the fruits of my
labour will prove that. Also today marks the start of my favorite month. AND it's
10/01/10. How fun is that?

Also we start my salute to BATS. todays bat is an Egyptian Fruit Bat. What a cute lil' guy eh?
So snuggly and cuddly. No?
Welllllllllll I think so!

Off to the Art store. And Day of the Dead fun!
Later on today: Dinner with a dear friend
and weekend fun with more!

music of the day: Creepy stuff to get in the mood
food of the day: Squishy stuff to get creeped
mood of the day: Spooky from all that creepy ,squishy stuff!!!

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