Friday, October 8, 2010


Come see groovy stuff like THIS:

at the kicky coffehouse GEEZ LOUISE on Colfax from 6 to 9!
They even have a fun patio out back now to kick up your heels and admire your
new purchase of one of my glow in the dark wacky dogs or a spiffy Day of the Dead Coffin! (or to just mellow out the weekend entry with some wine and cheese!)

Finished the last piece yesterday, just under the wire. Now to pass out til tonight's festivities.
I feel FALL in the air, and lots of great prospects on the horizon!

Time for fall cleaning and comicing! ( yes, I just made that an official Patty there...comicing! hahaha )

music of the day: retro: pet Shop Boys, Joy Division, Cure
food of the day: tuna melt on my pannini maker my sister got me years ago and I'm just really starting to use and love...

mood of the day
: giddy and crafty!

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