Monday, November 8, 2010


You can see all the fun at

O.K so what would you like to see a comic about in the future on webegirls? Anyone?...Bueller? .....Bueller?

New week, new stuff!

Of minor concern, the letter "A,N,C" are worn off, or practically worn off of my Apple keyboard. Has anyone else experienced this happening to them?
AM I fondling some of my keys more than others?

music of the day: New Order
food of the day: frozen silver foil wrapped surprises
mood of the day: "again!?"

special bonus link!

GO to MONKEY BRAINS for some yummy ,good for you breakfast treats! Honestly, the oatmeal gets me thru winter with flying colors!(nuff said!) AND he's a cute little SQUISHY MONKEY THAT IS SO CUTE AN CUDDLY!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG SO CUTE!!!!!!! MUST HUG!!!!!!

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