Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Well well...

the skulls never stop.
This is actually an unfinished piece I will have at the Dec. 5th
7 Artists show here in Denver.
It's one of those "Golly gee, I wonder how it's gonna look when I'm done!", pieces.
You know, last minute stuff. Anyway. NO new little daily comic for yaz til I am DONE
getting ready for this sale thingy. Mama needs some new boots!

The other thought going through my little noggin' is "Am I gonna bother putting up a tree this year?"
See, I saw a friend of mine, (HI Scarlett!) has not one, not two, but TEN fricking little themed trees up in her pad.
The thought of all that work,well, I assume she is having some sort of kick ass parties an shite for the season.

Me? I don't really do anything in the way of hosting, and I don't have too many people over to The House Of Patty, so I'm once again. wondering , why bother.
granted it LOOKS kick-ass and I get to put out all my little special Steiff toys.
( second bear down in that link is a good example of the seldom seen,but highly prized , Patty collection..coff coff..anyway as I was saying)...
I haven't put a tree up in eons now.
ever since retail sucked the ever lasting last iota of winter holiday whatever that may have resided in my cold cold soul....
I am not religious at all, so it all boils down to, how do I want to celebrate the winter solstice ?

Somebody tell me they're coming over and I consider it. heeheehee

music of the day: whatever (3 Q ball)
food of the day: that ho-ho is wearing off now
mood of the day: crossed fingers about the interview I had this morning!

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