Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Show and tell.

I got asked the other day what I did for a tree these days. This is what I came up with.
Kinda Halloweenie/gothic/dark, but silly at the same time. Well to ME anyway. I'm not much of a "decorate for it" kinda gal anymore.
Used to be, but, meh, I don't see much point.

These are my favorite little shoes. Which I don't get a chance to wear too often.
Eccos, some of the most comfy shoes with the slight heel I can wear, ever. Thank you Ecco for getting me out of my romper stomper boots. (For a day at least!)

Today is mindless meandering and thoughts.Dealing with some past in the present.

music of the day: sampler
food of the day: Monkey Bars
mood of the day: flux


Just Jane said...

Before I clicked through on this post from my reader, I was trying to figure out why the hell someone would ask you what you do for a tree. I'm all, like, what? Because they think she's a monkey and must live in a tree?

You can tell how much I pay attention to the holidays *laughing*.


yes, the secret is out. I can be a little monkey sometimes!