Friday, January 21, 2011

OH NO! Not Again!!!

So I get this freaky phone call the other night from the ol' ex.
You know who I mean. Anywayyyyyyyyy it's one of those
"long-crazed-rambling- 3 sheets to the wind", kinda call. The call that reminds me what one of our issues was when we were together. Anyway, he keeps going on and on about how,even though he is gone so much and so far away, I was always in his heart, I was the one..yadda yadda ,don't believe what the gossip rags say,he had nothing to DO with that Italian supermodel, you get the gist.
SO I'm reading the paper last night and what do I see? A big ol' article about how he,my ex, had contracted MALARIA of all things ,while overseas!
"AH!, It was the fever talking that night. Not that I care...
I mean, not that it matters if he's finally over me or not. Or that the late night furtive phone calls begging me to take him back stop. Or that.....oh , who am I kidding anyway?

music of the day: mgmt, White Lies, Bowie
food of the day: chicken leftover-leftovers
mood of the day: fingers crossed! interview today! YAAAAAAAA!

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