Sunday, January 2, 2011

YAWN...wake up!

old comic, finally inked. Felt it appropriate for me now.
I especially like the way Ant turned out in the third panel. Sort of
innocent, youthful looking with a hint of disappointment.
Oh yeah, its also a rare "five finger try"...sometimes four IS better...

I'm still fighting it, trying to find a good computer font to use and not look too
sterile or generic...nothing I have tried so far looks good. Any suggestions?
Though I have switched from using a Micron pen to letter with ,to actual pen nib and india actually I think it looks better.

Trying to avoid going out, but cabin fever has venturing out and NOT spending any money will be a challenge.

music of the day: assorted finds, Band of Horses, ENO,Cure
food of the day: not much
mood of the day: antsy and creative

OH shoot, I need a calender!

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