Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have I posted this before...

I can't remember, but I don't care. Seems relevant right now to me.
See, I get into these weird food things every now and then, and I tend to eat the same thing everyday, until I overdose on it then leave it alone for a long time, sometimes years!
Anyway, Ritz cracker fluffernutters seem to be the "bad food" of choice these days.
Almost every day, like clockwork, 3:30 or so, I brew a hot cuppa NUMI Jasmine green tea, ( the best tea in the world IMO), and 6 Ritz cracker monstrosities of peanut butter and marshmallow whip junk food frenzy to snack on while I finish up my latest project or do resume send outs.

Pavlovian to be sure. Bad food for you to be double sure. (though the peanut butter isn't really that bad for you. But I seem to have lost 4 pounds over the past 2 weeks. What's up with that?)

The logical fairy inside me informs me it's my small meal noshing thru the day that did it. And cereal. I eat cereal for meals sometimes.
So that wacky Special K ad for a cereal diet is onto something!
But something else in me wants to say it was the Fluffernutter that did it. Magical, sticky, fluffy puffs of white pillowy goodness. I have a licking fetish developing I think. (Not entirely a bad thing to some people in my life to be sure..)

ohhhhhh me start over...waaaaaaayyyyyyy over.....

music of the day" LCD Soundsystem 45:33 looping eternally
food of the day: see above
mood of the day: cold hands, cold heart,but I still like you!

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