Sunday, March 20, 2011


It was a night out in downtown Denver. Off to an event that would require of me
something that I normally do not do well. Parallel Parking. But something MUST have been going right that evening. Perhaps it was the company I was in ( Howdy Mr. C!),or the moon was in alignment with my house. Or I was just in the zone. Whatever it was, it worked.

Ignore the ugly fading Ford 94 paint job on the car. Nay, but admire greatly the wonderful parking job! Just the right tire distance from the curb. After circling the block on 13th street 3 times, this space opened up. Magically I pulled up, no cars honking behind me, looked back and just glided into place with no " redos" at all. Just...glided, like a little parking angel.
Proper distance between the other cars, no curb hitting, no readjusting, just...smoooooooothness all around. Park, get out, lock car, walk away and admire.
Go eat party cake. It was a perfect night!

*note-normally when I parallel park it's a stress filled few moments when I try to get into the space without grazing the other cars, or getting hit by speeding traffic ,which stresses me out even MORE. And don't get me started about when somebody else is in the car. Then I REALLY get all nervous about parking right the first time.

music of the day: jungle skank ( hahah)
food of the day: leftover dim sum
mood of the day: goofy

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