Sunday, March 13, 2011

Found my HOT PANTS!

It's been SUCH a shit-tacular week I decided we need to dance a bit to shake off the
doom and earthquakey gloom that has overtaken me. So DANCE MY ASS OFF DAY is hereby decreed!

I'm also fighting the start of the bug that is going around my pals, laying waste to everyone in it's path. Piping hot bowls of PHO is prescribed.

I'm also staring at some computer books dedicated to teaching me Illustrator and Photoshop in 24 hrs. I am holding them to it. MY pens taunt me though, easier and
less stressful. I'm all A.D.D. when it comes to computer crap. But I will persevere!

music of the day: B-52's ,assorted fun and frivolity
food of the day: meh
mood of the day: grrrrrrrrrr TIGER'S BLOOD!

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