Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trippy Time....

....with cough syrup!
One of the wackiest,strangest,multi-layered shows I ever saw was the Butthole Surfers back in 1988. From what I can recall, there was a gory film being projected behind them while they played, with a smoke machine going full force, trippy lights, naked go go dancers, and
strange goings on onstage which may have included various sexual acts acted out. I could sort of make out some stuff from where I was sitting,but not very well at all.
Slowly melting into the depths of my seat from the overload to all my senses,
I seem to recall friend ,Charlie Pickett, yelling behind me "Play some fucking MUSIC!" at a loud volume. All in all a sweat filled-"where the hell am I"-kind of night.
I remember feeling kind of violated and dirty after the whole thing was over.
BWAHHAHAHAH. For sure I went home nearly passing out and took a long hot shower.

At least I can say "I saw them when"........

*note( this album was not yet released when I saw them. This one is more accessible than what I heard.lol)

music of the day: asssorted retro
food of the day: leftover bbq beef ribs
mood of the day: meh

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