Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday fix?

YA I know, no blogging lately, but honestly I have had nothing much to say. And the comic I'm working on is not for here, sooooo yeah, there's THAT.

I DID however, in a late night weirdness moment of "what am I still doing up?", make a chocolate cake mix I got for a buck the other day at World Market. Why was it a buck? It was leftover from Passover.
Streit's , Kings of Kosher,has cake mixes for the holidays. I, the lapsed catholic gal,always intrigued by Jewish foods and traditions, having grown up the better part of my youth in MY-AM-MEEEEEEE and Ft. Liquordale, have a great understanding of kosher food. However , the full impact of just how bad an after taste has never been fully realized until I tasted one of these critters.

Let's just say, I am STILL tasting the semi-unpleasantness locked in my mouth and throat.
Not that it totally sucked, but I have a better understanding of what matzo flour is capable of and what it is not.
Duncan Hines you have nothing to worry about.

I defy you to not love this song.

Music of the day: The Waterboys, Mumford and Sons, Nick Cave, Lee Scratch Perry.
food of the day: NOT cupcakes
mood of the day: ERP!

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