Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tease me will ya?

Then I tease YOU!
mwahahah... A little tiny taste of something very new.
Where? I shall not say. NO, not yet.

Sorry so gone, but things a brewing and a stewing.

Spring cleaning is so refreshing in so many ways, don't you think?
Not just dust and shelves, but clutters in the mind get swept away
with the dust bunnies and old glitter.
Sometimes people get swept away too. Never maliciously, but,swept
away just the same. Sometimes they blow back in when you open the
door, but, usually I find they blow away for good.
I hate to see good glitter go like that but, meh, what can you do?

music of the day: Radiohead, The Naked and Famous,The Kills.
food of the day: PONY CHOW!
mood of the day: indifference

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