Wednesday, July 27, 2011

No I didn't forget..I just..just... distracted. So many things going on. One of which is, I got a little ol'
part time job. Not much but, meh. So there's that, which I think I mentioned before.(An that's all I'm gonna say..)

Spending more time painting lately is a bit of a web suck as well. But most of all..some health issues cropped up recently. Nothing to serious, but distracting enough.
See this "back thing" I have seems to have migrated to my upper back and neck now. Not totally unbearable, but enough that I am
going to a Dr. and doing the ol X-ray thing to see just what in 'tarnation is going on with my bad self. I think working on stuff hour after hour isn't helping the fact, but as paraphrasing a certain someone: "you can have my paintbrush when you tear it from my dead cold hands"...or something like that. But dang I look smashing lately..
Do you like my cold steely eyed look.."dead eyes, like a dolls eyes......."
Yes my dears, that's's SHARK WEEK NEXT WEEK!!!!! WOOOOOT!

Let the bloodshed and mayhem begin!

So I apologize to my..umm.coff coff..five daily readers and my new ones, it seems in Europe, for not posting more inane stuff more often.

music of the day: Atari Teenage Riot
food of the day: pesto
mood of the day: pesty

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