Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gobble gobble

Happy Turkey Day to you. ( if you celebrate that kinda thing) Me, Not so big on the bird actually.
Most of my obsession today revolves around giant balloons
and who has the pumpkin pie.

Also I'm reflecting on my year so far, and feel grateful that I have so many good friends in my life.
My comics and painting seem to be doing better as well. So I'm grateful that I can still create and people still seem to like me.
That's a big ego boost right there! With my increasingly good health and attitude I see nothing but GREAT stuff ahead!
I am so happy I have Alistair in my life too. There , I said his name. What joy he brings me.
I never laughed or cared so hard. It's a gift I met him. And I'm not taking it lightly, no matter where it goes.

music of the day: NOT xmas crap
food of the day: what do you think? (It will include the wine-mulled cranberry sauce I made all by my little self at my sisters yesterday for todays feast of gluttony.Photos to follow)
mood of the day: giddy, and excited

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