Monday, November 14, 2011


It's a new one over at
Go. Now. Worship at the feet of a cartoonist today.
Your funny bone will thank you.

Actually this series I'm embarking on is a bit different for me. I'm actually researching this topic heavily. And while it's always interesting to see what the experts say about relationships, and while they do go thru stages of some kind or another, I prefer to not anticipate, but rather let it grow
organically. Always a surprise in store that way, eh? I always got into trouble when I started to over analyze things in the past.

Secret confession though, I Do kinda like flowers and a smattering of treacly writing every now and then to keep me engaged.( or revved up enuff to jump his bones)

(But don't get me started how revved up I can get after a gift of a Godzilla figurine.)


music of the day: that lilting tune that drifts in and our of my ears as I sit in traffic
food of the day: whatever doesn't make me sick today
mood of the day: antsy to get this drawing I'm working on DONE!

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