Monday, December 19, 2011

Get ye over to for your holiday treat!

Man, am I a grumpy Gus these days. Lack of sleep will destroy you faster than anything. No wonder they use sleep deprivation as means of torture. I am a tad to grumpy to be socially interacting with ANYONE these days, so I use that as an excuse to be the super anti-social butterfly that I am.

Side notes, me sitting here in my studio with my window wide open and it's like, 28 degrees outside. Does THAT tell you anything about my condition?
Though I've been feeling a bit manic lately, I thought I would be channeling my energy into more painting, not more grousing and gnashing of teeth!

( Great side note, I have now lost so much weight that my little cute plaid punk skirt circa 1991 that I use to wear is now officially too big ! So besides that kinda happy fact, I now have nothing to wear on my rare forays out to the goth club...sigh... I realize all my pals in Atlanta might not recognize me,since when I moved from there I was about 70 pds. (or possibly more )heavier..tee hee...though I don't know how much good that is if I'm dead from exhaustion..but I will make a lovely corpse..Bwahaha)

music of the day: assorted fun, Wussy, MC5 ( yes AGAIN!) , Bassnectar.
food of the day: whatever I can choke down
mood of the day: obviously short tempered and on a fuse so away I hide...

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