Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New ...yadda yadda

checking search words that led people to my blog today :
moe hay ko and her boyfriend is one and another was: comic pictures of back pain.
Having no clue who Moe Hay Ko is I apologize I didn't come through for you searcher in the Phillipines.
Now comic pictures of back pain..well I'm sure there's something hidden somewhere in this red hot mess I call a blog.

Can't decide if I ruined this painting or not with the neon highlights..anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Anyway, whatever you decide to do to ring in the New Year , be safe and be silly. It's the only way to live.

If the mood or attitude or whatever you're doing on New Years eve indicates the coming years mood for you , then I better get on the stick here and buckle it all down! Yikes!

music of the day: Faces, Battles
food of the day: choke it down patty!
mood of the day: Insomnia's main bitch now, all bets are off, stay out of my way ! HUZZAH!


Just Jane said...

Hmmm...I don't dislike the neon highlights - they certainly didn't ruin the piece. But I think, if it had been me (HA! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, like I could ever do what you do!), I probably would not have added them. Still...I do like this piece an awful lot.


yeah.. I hung it over the weekend and just stared at it..KNOWING I messed it up ..but I , as you see redid to sell the mutha!