Friday, December 23, 2011


Here, this is about as Xmasy as I can get this year. The photo is from when I used to do a big tree,kinda German style, but stopped cuz it took so long to do and no one ever really saw it. (say hi to Aloysius there in the sweater.I forget the other little dudes name though..I'm a bad mother!)
It was pretty though!

Today is keep on painting day and deal with body crash.
I FINALLY got some sleep two nights running, but at a slight
medicated cost the next day.
I don't care, I slept, I had a weird mystical dream about my ex, I didn't drool too much on the pillow, and I had sheet creases in my face the next day.
All signs of a deep sleep. Praise Shiva!

music of the day: SOFT BOYS, ROBYN HITCHCOCK, Replacements, Big Star.
You owe it to yourself to be at least familiar with these boys!
food of the day: whatever stays down
mood of the day: lighter, breathing, living and loving you.

p.s: George Clooney, your package must have gotten lost in the post. Best you give me a call!

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