Monday, December 12, 2011

YA! New comic up at webegirls
It's holiday mayhem time so calm your ass down a bit with my
handy tips.

Ventured out socially for the first time in 2 weeks last night. Anxiety always hits me before stuff like that ,but it always ends up lovely and me wondering what I was so worried about.
Being among pals, with good food and laughs is always a great 'cheer-upper' thing.

Today is keep on painting day!
Here's the painting I gave to the birthday boy last night too, now that I can show it.

"Cleo shows off her new pet, Mr. Nibbles"
©2011 p.j.leidy

music of the day: retro; MC5, television, buzzcocks
food of the day: I'll let you know when I can choke some down
mood of the day: waking up a bit from the fog of uncertainty and sorrow,(but still a bit lack of sleep fuzzy)

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