Thursday, January 5, 2012


Strange things indeed afoot..of the mystical kind. From two different sources too!
Well so far this year has gotten off to a bang ! A long lost friend from my past contacted me
just as my yearly horrorscope predicted, not that I believe in that sort of thing mind you, but hokey smokes! It predicted more than one and in the past 5 days I have been contacted by 2. In the past 4 months? No less than 5. Now if George Clooney calls I really AM gonna have to pay more attention to the mystical side of life!

hey I think I forgot to post this.. It ran yesterday. Much thanks to my pal Mark for asking and digging what I could spew out for him, babe wise!

music of the day: Robyn H. ( again, yeah I know!)
food of the day: avocado!
mood of the day: satiated in a mystical way

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