Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hokey Smokes

I dither about , here and there.
What do I have to show for it?
Well for one thing, I AM selling some of my paintings!
SO Huzzah for me!
Nothing like a fresh batch of color to brighten the day. As long as I am unemployed ,( anyone hiring?) , I might as well paint my ass off! Thank you Winsor Newton for making such great water soluble oil paints.
I thought I coundn't work with them anymore ,as my allergies prohibit a lot of chemical interaction. But they kick ass for my needs.

I'm not quite sure still just what the HECK is going on in this painting..but it's fun to
slosh color around at least! I'll have settled on a title presently.

Snow melting, huge divots around my car..a good excuse to set in hermit like and
giggle manically while I channel my inner Van Goah. Don't worry I still have both ears intact.
(If not my heart, still with band aid tightly applied).. ( save for the trip to Target to replace the microwave that decided to spark all over the place and give up the ghost...)

Music of the day: Tom Verlaine, John Cale,(one of his best), The Fellies, Ravi Shankar
food of the day: another disappointing meal at what was once a great place..sigh
mood of the day: antsy, perturbed , frustrated over it all.

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