Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My date with Clooney

I KNOW I KNOW! I know I SAID I wasn't going to date him anymore, especially since his
rather small head makes mine look particularly large, but how could I resist?
Look at the man! Plus he bought me that smashing dress and took me to White Castle before the event. Any dude that knows the benefits of carb loading before a marathon awards ceremony is all reeet in my book.
He was a perfect gentleman , save for that one moment he and Pitt got into a little scuffle by the men's room before the show started. Not sure what that was about , but we all got along famously later at the Vanity Fair party afterwards. Get some booze in those two and it's all
"I love you mannnnnnn".."NO, I love YOU MAN!", all night long.
Sigh. Angelina and I just sat in the back and compared notes on how we deal with hunky man meat with attitudes.

All in all a swell night. I don't expect to hear from him now for another six months or so, or until some chick dumps him again an he gets all drunk dialy on my ass.

music of the day:
Orange by The Dandy Warhols on Grooveshark

food of the day: peanut butter on whole grain toast
mood of the day: shaky as shite ,jittery..good bye steroids! Sheesh

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