Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where I be?

Sorry for no posts to my handful of readers. Some major health crisis has hit the Leidy Clan, and until that get's calmed down I may not be posting much for the next few weeks.
Though coming out of it now, my Dad's recent heart surgery really put a fear into us there for a few days. We almost lost him! But seem's hes out of the woods now.
No more Hash Browns Dad. Sorry! And by the way, the drugs they have you on are making you even MORE hysterical if you can believe that. My favorite so far is: " I know that's not really there , but can you move it anyway?

music of the day: Bhagavan Das , Robyn Hitchcock
food of the day: well, if you could CALL it that, the little dried up chicken sandwich at the hospital cafeteria
mood of the day: Exhausted, spent, stressed,anxiety ridden- hives covered body!

said evidence of hivey existence.

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