Tuesday, July 10, 2012


It started out as a slight tingle in all of my limbs. Then, a slow 'antsy" crawling heebie jeebie feeling.
Then, the 'jimmy legs' start on a twitching throughout my body, and I know another bout of  "What the fuck" is about to begin begins.  Futile efforts to calm oneself enuff to hold the paint brush let alone THINK about a subject drive one to desperate measures...
Inspiration and calming effects are todays and future days goals.

That and sell a few of the bastards!

GO HERE and help save my sanity!

for a few weeks now I have been experiencing such a wave of "something BIG is about to happen" in the air it's made me anxious. I wonder what it could be.. how exciting, good or bad.

And  for my DENVER based peeps go to 3 Cutters on Pearl  Aveda salon to see some of my cats and kitties on sale for the month of July. Help a sexy mama out.

music of the day: PULP
food of the day: pulp
mood of the day: pulpy and twitchy

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