Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm so slow...

..but it's a good thing....Fine art takes time. Or is it wine? I can't remember. Either way I'm all loopy from the fumes of creativity!
So apologies to my five readers for my lack of posting, once again. My brain has shut off and seems to be entirely devoting itself to colors, flow, mixing, brushes, angst, sweat and inspiration. And the occasional noodle bowl and hobnobbing with good friends and my muse.

here's an image to entertain. ( no it's NOT my muse..but an amazing facsimile.)
Everything I have painted so far you have seen.
Rounding the corner on completing two more paintings.
One sold already , even before I was finished the first layers!
My Ego is fed , once again. Thank you.
I love you all.

music of the day: grooviness
food of the day: leftover chinese
mood of the day: calm and in the moment.

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