Wednesday, July 6, 2016

WOW! So ummm..yeahhhhhhh

Sooooo, I totally forgot I had this page again. I'm not doing much in comics, still but concentrating on painting ( and even that has languished all these days while I recover from  A: losing my apartment,,my HOME of 13 years to greedy developers etc here in town B: ending a particularly heart rendingly difficult and destructive relationship ,and starting recovery from said mess
 C: dealing with living , once again, with a parent while I job hunt for something that actually pays a living wage. ( So I can live in one of Denvers  marvelously overpriced shoe box hole in the wall boxes they call apartments these days)
Sometimes being an artist sucks , lack of money to live on sucks, having all your worldly possessions in storage sucks, and living in a room in a weird old 1960's fancy building sucks.. ( photos to follow)

What doesn't suck is I actually had a place to go, without mom I would be homeless or couch surfing at various friends places. I have a semi -decent job , not without its annoyances , but what job DOESN'T ?

Since kind of fizzled out I let my comic strip "Cafe Neurotic " fizzle out as well.
And since my great syndication bid got nixed Zero Hour has languished for a few years, enough so I have trouble actually drawing the gals sometimes. YIKES!
an oldie but a goodie

SOoooooooooo..maybe it's time to actually DO something with the strips I produced for my G.S.B
 ( great syndication bid)...Maybe a self published book? Maybe sell off the originals for big bucks..
( bwahaha yeah..riiiight)
In any case I shall make an effort to post a bit more often than once a year..tee hee, and have some sort of comic thing going very soon...I will have a new story for this years anthology book  Not My Small Diary, published by Delaine Derry Green.
So there's that at least. I do thank my remaining fans of my work and pledge to make an effort to do something very soon.  A good initiative  would be creating something to avoid going nuts while I live here...that's for sure!

music of the day: left of the dial punk new wave
mood of the day: angsty
food of the day: heartburn  

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