Saturday, June 23, 2007

Decadent Meal/ Diet blown...

But oh my Buddah! What a meal! A dear friend took me out for a belated Birthday dinner
at Barolo Grill on 6th ave. here in Denver...You couldn't HAVE a more decadent meal I think
Im not even a drinker but I had a sweet dessert wine that knocked my socks off..I need to ask him again what it was..but woooo!!

Antipasti course:
Bresaola di Lombardia- air cures beef tenderloin with fresh lemon /lime wedges,chopped arugula, pamigiano-reggiano & olive oil ( paper thin beef lightly seasoned with the lemon lime, the cheese was to die for too..yum)


Cuore di lattuga- romain hearts wiht the same cheese as above, focaccia croutons & garlic, lemon & parsley dressing.
( we split both these)

Secondi Piatti:

Agnello con Carciofi-grilled Colorado lamb t-bones with roasted globe artichokes & Sauteed crimini mushrooms ( it was like buttah' I swear...nicely crusted lamb, rich mushroom..nice and med. rare....)

my dining companion had the restaurants signature dish-
L'Anatra al barolo- braised ducking, kalamata olives, garlic-rosemary hashbrown potatoes, grape tomatoes....( very rich and flavorful, )

Assorted wines,, ( hes the wine guy ,not me don't ask..LOL)


Torta di Cioccolato- chocolate brownie with chocolate gelato & chocolate whipped cream. ( this followed a surprise birthday chocolate truffle dusted with powdered sugar, and a dessert drink with some sort of liquor including kalua and heavy cream on top...) the brownie was more of a crumbly rich cake thing...with a caramel glaze over the gelato...fancy ass!!!
just get the heart defibrillator now guys!!

we came in under $200 for the meal..which was good, I'm going to go pass out now and try to sleep it off...

oy vey!!! I love a good meal...back on track tommorow with better eating I say!!!

mmm ya gots ta check it out if yer looking for an impressive meal the wine list is HUGE by the way!!!!

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--MC said...

Uff da, your description of your dinner makes my heart labor. I'd eat that in the blink of an eye!
To respond to your previous post, I think I'm coming out of my post-con letdown (OCF was three weeks ago) .. I drew one panel and pasted down a copy of another, and now I've got six pages. Six out of forty.