Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I think this will have a cooling effect on our fevered bodies.(I mean the back of my knees are all sweaty)...more to come
Everybody likes ice cream, right?

Now on my days off, when I'm home,staring at blank pieces of paper at my drafting table,around noontime or so I hear off in the distant, that familiar sound of childhood, the ice cream truck. What song is it now? I can't recall. When I was very little it was just big bells attached to the truck, the driver would pull off and on. Now it's a prerecorded child song melody. Is it making the driver nuts with the repetitiveness of it all? I'm sure he's wearing iPod headphones.
How can he hear the kids yelling for him to slow down? He zips thru here so fast that even if i DID scare up a few bucks and run downstairs for a cone, I wouldn't be able to stop him in time.

Maybe he's really just a drugrunner using the truck for a front....

Note to self....stop being so cynical.........

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--MC said...

A couple of weeks ago we were in the park and a van drove by slowly, playing some insane music (a goofy version of "If You're Happy And You Know It", punctuated with telephone rings and boinging noises and a voice shouting "Hello?"). It was the Mexican Ice Cream Truck, and we stopped it and had Blue Bunny sandwiches. We could have gotten the Mexican ice cream which is dusted with chili powder, but my courage always fails me when I go to buy it, and I always wind up getting something bland.