Saturday, August 25, 2007

had to laugh... the google ad link that recently appeared down below,
FOOD imported from China.
HEE HEE...does it have lead in it...
tee hee
ohh thats mean of me...I will stop.
Actually yesterday was my tour of Asian eating
Dim SUm for lunch , then met a friend for Sushi for dinner later on.
Funny thing is, one of the ladies working there said to me.
"You look familiar, didn't you go to MEE YEE for DIm Sum?", I said yes,
then she said, "NOW you go to Star Asian"...I said yeah I went there today
matter of fact, She commented, "Yeah I see you lots!You like that stuff donchya?"

Sheesh there's SPYS out there now tracing my culinary habits..Mwahaha
Funny stuff.

Anyway...I promised cupcakes for the Container crew today..easy to do with a small staff like I had when at the Shave store, but now... 50 some employees..errggg
well I think only ,like 35 or so are on that's not too bad.
But still....

Music of the day; Nine Ince Nails: Pretty Hate Machine
food of the day: why CUPCAKES of course!
Mood of the day: cool and collected
(even though Im soloing on closing tonight aheeennn)


Joanna said...

Can I have your Snoopy stuff??!!!

--MC said...

D'yer want a Lion King toy? Maggie gave me a little hyena Burger King gimme toy yesterday. It makes a squeaky little hyena laugh if you move its legs rapidly, but there is no way to do that without looking like you're rubbing its crotch. It creeps me out. I'll send it to you if you want it.

Joanna said...

haha No thanks. That reminds me of the little mutant dragon-donkey toy McDonalds (or was it Burger King?) gave out around Shrek 2 that made weird noises. It looked hideous as well. You didn't have to rub it funny though. It was way cooler when they had like Garfield toys and stuff from back in the late 80s. I still have a lot of my old Happy Meal toys.


hey JOANNA...he offered it to ME..HAHAHAH
silly girl....
no marc ..i gots enuff stuff IM trying to get rid


Joanna said...

ehh I wasn't sure. Well, can you at least include it in your will? haha