Thursday, August 23, 2007

"Overpowered by funk....

...funk out".
Any CLASH is good CLASH!
Not that that heading had anything to do with this post at all.
But you have come to expect that from me
I suppose.

Rain came in my window the other day and did it's nasty all over my canon-
all in one printer. well it scans and that's all now, so I suppose it's
a one-in-one printer now.

Donations accepted for the new printer fund.

Cooler out, but not me. I'm feeling a strange sense of something
brewing on the horizon lately, and I'm not sure what,
but usually I'm dead on when I feel like this.
So I gird my steely self and wait.

not all funk is good funk, drawing funk is not good.
Bootsy Collins-P -funk is GOOD funk.. there is a
difference, namely lots of glitter in the later.

Shout out to Grahame, recent transplant from New Zealand
now of ..umm....D.Cish area....
I have the candy sir, just unphotographed.....

I see GOOOGLE ads finally is closer to my reader demographic with
a SIMPSONS link to get PEZ on there!

Food of the day: mind altering french toast ( never again...sugar high no good)
Music of the day: THE CLASH
mood of the day: waiting...........


Joanna said...

Oh I loooovveee cinnamon french toast. Yummy!!


howd ya know it was cinnamon anyway?
aheeennn...yah the high was extreme...then the CRASH was even

Joanna said...

Oh I didn't. I was just saying I love it. :-P If the toast isn't cinnamon, I dump cinnamon sugar on it anyway and it's still pretty good. :)