Monday, September 3, 2007


Well no film. Sorry ol' gang o' mine, but I kept getting error messages....anyone out there have any tips? I'ts a bit frustrating..i DID everything Blogger said to do...what else CAN I do?

Anyway today was a full out MADHOUSE at work..everyone and their brother decided to
get organized AND everyone decided they were not going to wait patiently for stuff too.
So let me ask you, when is it, that people decide that THEY are
the most fucking important people in the room and screw everyone else? Huh? Huh?
Hee Hee hee....I mean, some people make me LAUGH they are so
full of themselves! Can you tell I'm tired?

Enuff being a whiney butt...I'm going to go slather more WHITE OUT on
my latest FUCK UP!

music of the day: NONE
food of the day: chicken wings
Mood of the day: TIRED and FED-UP

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