Sunday, September 2, 2007


experiment in futility...let's see how well it works...enjoy the film.
Good day today. I figured out my movie camera a bit,palled around with a friend
at DIM SUM, and goofed off...messed up my comic strip...
had a wunnerful dinner at my Sis's pad...marinated shrimp on da barbie, with this
nice garlic pesto type thingy sauce,homemade
tater salad, homegrown grape tomatoes in a olive oil,buffala mozzarella...grilled farmers market corn on da cob ...YUMMERS!
and little homemade ice cream sammiches...
Now I'm loading this film up, which is taking FOR-FUCKING-EVER!!!
I want to go to bed, I have to work tommorow, not like SOME people
that don't have to,
you rats.....enjoy yer leisure time.

dang this to taking too long...its messed no film yet until i figger it out

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