Monday, September 17, 2007

Where it all began....

O.K folks I have resurrected the very first ZERO HOUR
strip I did from...1992 as far as I can tell..maybe can certainly see how much I have
changed in style and grew. Dig Ants crazy ass hair
And apparently it was before I developed the
salute to "Little Orphan Annie Eyes" I have gotten
famous for...NO worries...they came into being
a few strips later..
I DID however start off with a bang as far as my
"Crazy Open Mouth Look" is concerned...I'm queen of the
gaping ,tongue lolling look apparently....
hee hee...
Anyway may never see one like this sad thing again...

also found the source for no titles...apparently I can't have
the translate to hindi button somehow clashes with my
Mac? I dunno...SO sorry to all my Hindi friends...

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