Sunday, January 20, 2008

The death throes...."

....our final chapter of our Dramady...

"OH what have I done! Tossed away with no regard! And you gave me
so much Pen! Don't go! I forgive you! All that
you have created for me, how could I ever forget that!"

"Oh my love, Dried up and spent,let me hold you in the throes of death...
I will never forget, I cannot let you go my love....every
inch of your shredded nylon head..drying up as we clutch each other..."

..." one more kiss my love , I go with you to a better place....." is done!"

The part of Plasti-girl was played by Mannequin Girl Oshima
the part of pen was played by Pen

This has been a Screaming Monkey Production. © 2008

JOin us next time as Mannequin Girl Oshima stars in "Naked Plasti-girl VS.
Ninja Monkey Spawn from Outer Space"

off to ink, write ,meet a pal for lunch......
be brilliant my's all we have sometimes!

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