Saturday, January 19, 2008

almost over, I can feel it...

let us rejoin plasti-girl in her time of sorrow..all the more pathetic
by her inability to shed real tears! almost over folks...

"Oh you cruel Pen! Abandoning me so! Just when we were creating beautiful
drawings together!! I HATE YOU!!"

"Leave me then! You're just like all the other PENS out there...making promises and
not delivering! I thought you were different!! GO then..join the others on this
trash heap of inadequacy!!"

will Plasti-girl find true love somewhere out there in the pen aisles of
our local artist supply stores!? Stay tuned !!

Now back to our regularly scheduled rants and raves!
Lovely night last night fancy pants dinner , wine with
a best bud....I'm still full of chocolate mousse and
other goodies..
off to draw the brilliance out of my brain pan and
onto my paper!!!

music of the day: CLASH
food of the day: veggies
mood of the day': sort of annoyed but feeling forgiving

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