Friday, January 18, 2008

Some people need to find better things to do with the time on their hands...

....but let us continue with the adventures of Plasti-girl...

When we had last left her, she had sighted her one true love off in the distance....

"..Ahh my sweet love, at last we are together again, your inky black eyes entrance me, your subtle frame pale casing, so easy to hold , so pliant to my touch, Kiss me!"

"I'm swooning again! Never leave me my love ...kiss me again! Your varying line widths...your steady ink flow...fills me with joy!!"

"What's that you say? You're leaving me! Disappearing from my grasp..never to
grace my bristol palace with your swanlike arches!? HOW CRUEL YOU ARE!!! OH PEN!!! How could you!?"

to be continued.....

snow a bit
moody a bit
put off a bit
laughing at it all a bit
lunch with sis...mmm SUSHI DEN!!

dinner tonight with a friend...
nothing matters but now.
xoxo still
Thanks to MONKEY BRAINS OATMEAL brand oatmeal for making such a tasty treat!!!

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