Sunday, February 10, 2008

whats worse...?

,,,, one job offer or potentially two...sigh
news posted as it

Sunday , funday..went out last night with some
work friends..had part of my very first real drink ,drink
a cosmo....,in YEARS...mostly it's been sips of very good wines
that a friend or my sister have on hand...them both being
wine collecting junkies of sorts...anyway..
I remember WHY I don't drink...especially in EXPENSIVE
restaurants like ELWAY'S...the price
the weird bodily swelling, and I can't hold my booze
The waiter was a real sport..he told them it was my birthday so we got
a free fancy-ass gourmet DING DONG with sparklers on top..
not your ordinary ding dong..but fancy ass ..remember that!
we grazed on crap fried rice..a side dish that is a meal..mediterranian
salad, chips, bread////
8 bucks rice..drink 11 bucks...hmmm....
I decided i DON'T like fancy ass drinks..they are wasted on me..
but one co-workers chocolate martini WAS not too bad and I
probably could have mustered all of that...

I just don't like the way I feel the next day is all...

off to ..umm do stuff....
return phone calls...etc...

have a fun day...

I'm excited...big changes afoot!!

music of the day: more White Stripes
food of the day: MONKEY BRAINS OATMEAL!! YUMMMMM!!!!!
mood of the day: hopeful with a side salad of "I'm so fulla beans!"

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