Wednesday, March 26, 2008

All I know is..count the fucks,win a prize.

Whoever the fuck gets elected better be DAMN sure they
try to fix this so called fucking health care system so any poor
fucker that gets stuck in the hospital can fucking afford
to be or not...
After just getting off the phone with
such uncaring, mechanical sounding, fucking billing people, not even
located in the same fucking STATE as matter
WHAT the FUCK ever happens to me again..I'm NOT going
into a fucking money draining hospital.They refused my disputes,even
to discuss it further
5 years to pay THIS fiasco off...
And that's just the fucking hospital bill..I haven't even finished
dealing with the physical therapist bill or some fucking attending
physician bill...

I'm being billed to death, from all sides ,got hit with another unrelated
bill yesterday...ill afforded.

Draw a comic? Yeah..I don't fucking THINK so.........



Reggie said...

I'm sorry. Sadly, they aren't paid to give a rat's ass. In fact, if they had the same hospital visit as you, they'd likely be in the same boat. What a f'd up world we live in.


i's so frustrating!!

time for a noodle bowl

fiddle dee dee

Joanna said...

Did you ever watch Chappelle Show? One of his skits was talking about how if he was president, to fix the health card system he would issue everyone fake Canadian ID cards so they can get free health care in Canada.

Maybe you should just stop answering your phone. :(