Monday, March 24, 2008

Experiments in fine inking

Well you all know MY problems with finding my dream pen again..It was suggested , and I executed the fine little experiment of opening the pen up and trying to reload it with fresh can see how THAT little fiasco turned out...
the ink just did not take to the core..what kind of ink was in there all just spewed out..and NO I didn't overload

oh well...on I go....

cold almost gone..nothing accomplished yesterday but massive t.v/ Internet viewing...
off to work soon,
still no call back form the hospital regarding my bills,
they have a nice new annoying 'call back list' going...I call every few days and they say I'm on a "LIST" to get called back to discuss my bill...if we keep this up I may never make that first payment!! SWEET!

music of the day: Flogging Molly
food of the day: bananas
mood of the day: SNURFY!

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