Sunday, March 23, 2008


I mean...Easter...snicker...
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in my search for all things peep related, I stumbled across this work of art.
Jesus of Peeps

somewhere someone is burning..

speaking of burning..THIS is what happens to you if you keep smoking!!!

Personally PEEPS make me gag after one.. but it is hysterical fun nuking one
in the microwave and watching a giant MUTANT PEEP form...then implode.

Home sick with that nasty-ass cold going around...attempts were made to ink, to less than stellar results..
think I'll arrange books in my new bookcase.....and nuke some peeps....

go here as well...

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Reggie said...

I can only eat them after they are stale. Personally, I dry them on my dashboard for a few days...but can only eat one or two.