Saturday, March 15, 2008


THESE ARE BILLS...they are depressing...nuff said,
the calls have started......enough to depress me today
when I sat down and realized it's going to take me
about 5 years or so to pay off this mess...
enuff that I also realized I have to do COBRA
payments for three months until I can get
insurance started.But I can't do both
pay the bills AND continue to get coverage until
my new "bad" insurance kicks in..
This country is super fucked up,
as you all know,that even if you DO have insurance
you can't afford to pay what bills that Do appear
on your doorstep...
Why am I ranting..I dunno...I'm SURE I'm about to do
a comic about it...
Sometimes my comics ARE about shit thats happened to me
after all.... lol

oh yeah..anyone that wants to..I'm putting some comics up for sale
that you can order from me direct.PLEASE.
I also have TONS of Hello Kitty up for sale as well.

The Missing Years - 16 pages of fun and frivolity
$3 bucks includes postage and a surprise.

Zero Hour-the Mini strips #1- indeed it is mini but packs a punch
with 16 pages of zany antics from the Gals!
$3 bucks includes postage and a surprise

One Fine Day At The Grocers-a 24 hr minicomic- more antics from those rascals!
$1.50- includes postage and ,of course, a surprise

buy all three-$7 .50 ( hey! ya know!)
all comics come personalized if so desired.

I also have a very limited amount of other minis
and some issues of Catfight. inquire if interested.


Wish I drank Green Beer.
Hope you are having some sort of Irish Soiree

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